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Save Up to 20%

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CareConnect* isn’t just health insurance—it’s healthier insurance. We were created by Northwell Health to make it easier for people to get and stay healthy, so we offer our members access to some of the best doctors and hospitals in the New York area — at prices that are easier to pay.


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Savings of up to 20% or more

You can save a lot of money on monthly premiums when you buy an insurance plan from us instead of the “big name” insurers, because our unique partnership with Northwell Health and other like-minded health care providers allows us to work more efficiently to get you the care you need.

Based on a comparison between CareConnect offerings and publicly available rates for similar plans.


Access to top providers

Our network is made up of carefully selected hospitals, doctors and other health care providers throughout the New York metro area that have earned top ratings and national and local honors for their superior care. You also get access to more than 75 urgent care centers throughout New York and over 1,000 walk-in clinics nationwide.

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Insurance without the hassle

Our Service Connectors can find you the right doctor, make your appointments, explain your costs, answer your questions and make sure you get any other help you need. And you never need a referral to see a specialist in our network! Our mission is to make health insurance, and health care, easy.

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