A Promise to Our Providers

As you’ve heard, Northwell Health, our parent company, has made the decision to wind down CareConnect and withdraw from New York State’s insurance market. It was a very difficult call to make, because Northwell strongly believes that innovative, provider-owned health insurance companies like CareConnect have a key role to play in achieving the triple aim of improving the patient experience and the health of our communities while reining in the cost of health care. We are proud of CareConnect’s record of giving New Yorkers affordable access to excellent care and of the way we partnered with you to keep our members healthier.

While regulatory flaws ultimately made it impossible for Northwell to continue forward with CareConnect, we want you to know that our wind-down process will be orderly and controlled. CareConnect has not declared bankruptcy, nor are we being shut down by the state. To the contrary, existing CareConnect policies will remain in effect and any policies written for 2018 will also be unaffected. It is business as usual here for our members.

And, crucially, it is business as usual at CareConnect for our providers, as well. While it is understandable that you might feel worried about non-payment of claims when an insurance carrier announces that it will be leaving the market—and therefore might be hesitant about seeing patients who carry that company’s policies—we can say without reservation that all medically necessary claims will be paid according to your existing contract. It is important that you continue to provide the care your CareConnect patients require, and we trust that you will do so.

If you have any concerns, we invite you to reach out immediately for reassurance by emailing us at providerinquiry@careconnect.com or calling us at 855-706-7545.


Kristofer Smith, MD
Chief Medical Officer
CareConnect Insurance Company, Inc.

Senior Vice President, Population Health Management
Northwell Health

Emily Leish
SVP, Health Care Delivery Integration
Chief Regulatory Affairs Office
CareConnect Insurance Company, Inc.