Learning Center

Learning Center

Welcome to the Learning Center. Health insurance can be complicated and we want to help make it simple. So we’ve created this learning center to provide you with information you need to help make the best choices.

What it's like to be a CareConnect member

Guide to Healthier Insurance: Chapter 1

We show you how CareConnect simplifies health insurance while providing access to top doctors and hospitals for up to 20% less, as well as take you through the benefits of being a CareConnect member.

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5 Questions You Should Ask Before Selecting Health Insurance

The 5 Questions You Should Ask Before Selecting Health Insurance

We understand that selecting health insurance can be confusing. These questions will help simplify the process and save you money.

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Metal plan types

How to Choose the Right Health Insurance Plan

Don’t get confused by all the technical terms. Here’s a general guide to help select the coverage that’s most appropriate and cost-effective for you.

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Looking to save money on health insurance? Think Narrow.

Find out how you can access high quality care and save money with a narrow network health insurance plan.

Save Money with SWAT

Since different health insurance plans are designed to meet different needs, the key to choosing wisely is selecting the one that offers only the features you need.

5 Questions Every Small Business Owner Should Ask Before Selecting Health Insurance

These questions will help you protect both your employees and your bottom line.