Health Insurance 101

Qualifying Life Event

If you’ve had a big change in your life, your health plan may be eligible for a change too.

At CareConnect, we understand that life happens, and when it does you may need to make a change to your health insurance.  We’re here to make this transition easy—and to provide you with access to quality and affordable healthcare. 

Changes to your health insurance can be made outside of the annual Open Enrollment period if you’ve experienced a Qualifying Life Event. A valid Qualifying Life Event can be any one of the following:

  • Loss of health insurance coverage
  • Addition or removal of a dependent through marriage, divorce, birth or adoption
  • Change in citizenship status
  • New York State error in enrollment
  • Violation of a material contract provision by CareConnect
  • Change in eligibility of federal tax credits (APTC) or cost-sharing
  • Recent permanent move into our service area
  • You are a Native American who may enroll in a Qualified Health Plan or change from one Qualified Health Plan to another once per month
  • Other exceptional circumstances defined and approved by New York State

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