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CareConnect grows small-group business in Westchester

New York's first provider-owned commercial health plan grew its physician network and share of the small-group insurance market in Westchester County last year.

Your Most Important New Year’s Resolution

With the year coming to a close, this is the time for sharing heartfelt wishes for a happy, healthy new year, and for making resolutions for improving your life. Here’s one end-of-year pledge you may not have thought of: Check to be sure that you and your family have just the right health insurance.

Enrollment Heats Up for New York State Health-Insurance Exchange

New York state health officials say it has been a busy few weeks for the state health-insurance exchange’s open-enrollment period as it adjusts to the collapse of the system’s only co-op and incorporates a new low-cost coverage plan.

Insurance and Assurance in the Aftermath of Health Republic Collapse

When the insurance plan Ken Fuirst offered to the employees of his small business was renewed in September with slightly changed rates and better coverage, he thought it was too good to be true

Obamacare Start-ups Try Moving Beyond Growing Pains

For software firm Tools4ever, signing with one of New York’s start-up insurers in 2014 seemed like a good fit. Rates from nonprofit Health Republic of New York were $6,000 lower than those of competitors.

More hospitals compete with insurers

As mergers and consolidations continue to shrink the number of health insurers, other health providers are entering or expanding their market presence in insurance, giving employers a new and growing source of coverage.

Customer Service Key for North Shore-LIJ Health Plan Success

CareConnect, the start-up health insurance division of the New York-based North Shore-LIJ Health System, saw a 160% increase in membership and tripling of revenue in the past year.

North Shore-LIJ’s Insurance Company Posts Massive Growth

Revenue within the health insurance division of North Shore-LIJ Health System tripled in the last year.

Joe Bartlett and Alan Murray – King v. Burwell Supreme Court Ruling

Radio host Joe Bartlett discusses the Supreme Court ruling in King v. Burwell — and what it means for New Yorkers — with CareConnect President and CEO Alan Murray on the “WOR Saturday Morning Show.”

CareConnect Expands East With Peconic Bay Medical Center

Peconic Bay, in Riverhead, became part of CareConnect’s network as of June 1, expanding the insurer farther east. The 200-bed hospital, which serves more than 175,000 patients annually, will be a keystone in the insurer’s Suffolk County expansion.

CareConnect: 5 Cosas Que Debes Saber Para Obtener Seguro Médico (Five Things You Should Know About Getting Health Insurance)

CareConnect’s Rose Piñero discusses the qualifying life events that may make you eligible for a special enrollment period at any time during the year.

Long Island Business News Outstanding CEO Awards

CareConnect President and CEO Alan Murray is recognized as one of Long Island’s foremost executives.

CareConnect Teams Up With Hospitals, Community Organizations to Help New Yorkers Enroll in Health Insurance

In some of New York’s diverse communities, language barriers prevent many from getting the health care they need. CareConnect is helping New Yorkers navigate the complexities of health insurance in eight languages.

Marsha Gordon: Westchester Means Business

Dr. Marsha Gordon, president and CEO of the Business Council of Westchester, talks with CareConnect President and CEO Alan Murray about how New York is faring under the Affordable Care Act and what small-business owners need to know about their health insurance options.

David Introcaso: The Healthcare Policy Podcast

David Introcaso talks with CareConnect President and CEO Alan Murray about why doctors and insurers are teaming up to provide an integrated approach to health care.

HealthPass New York to Offer CareConnect Health Insurance Plans to Small Businesses

HealthPass, one of the country’s oldest small-business private health insurance exchanges, is adding CareConnect plans to its menu of health insurance options.

Getting the Best Deal Under the ACA

A practical guide to choosing health insurance for New York’s small-business owners, by CareConnect President and CEO Alan Murray.

How to Get the Best Deal From Your Obamacare Plan

Five tips that can help you get the most value from your health insurance in 2015.

Bob Salter: Weekends on WFAN

Radio host Bob Salter and CareConnect President and CEO Alan Murray discuss coverage, deadlines and New York state’s health exchange.

This Black Friday, the Only Thing You Should Consider Buying Is Health Insurance

Why health insurance is an important buy for millennials: CareConnect President and CEO Alan Murray offers some money-saving advice.

Business Council of Westchester Holds Forum on Obamacare

Health, business and insurance experts discuss how the Affordable Care Act is changing the way health care is delivered.

Arise Xchange – Obamacare

As health insurance open enrollment for 2015 begins, there are fewer glitches and more people signing up but less enthusiasm for “Obamacare” than ever. CareConnect President and CEO Alan Murray discusses the paradox.

Long Island Insurer Adds Westchester Doctors, Hospitals

CareConnect adds hundreds of Westchester physicians and four Westchester hospitals to its network.

North Shore-LIJ CEO Michael Dowling Is Scripting a New Model for Health Care

Michael Dowling, president and CEO of North Shore-LIJ Health System, explains that starting an insurance company is helping the health system move into the business of promoting wellness, as well as treating illness.

Cutting Out the Middleman: Hospital Goes Into Insurance Biz

CareConnect President and CEO Alan Murray discusses the benefits consumers can reap when health care and health insurance are integrated.