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Health Republic Members: CareConnect is here to help you and your family

Looking for a plan to replace your Health Republic policy?

We’re ready to help you navigate the special enrollment period to get you coverage for December 2015, and the open enrollment period for 2016 coverage. CareConnect’s premiums for individual and family plans are some of the lowest in New York, and every plan comes with our great customer service. Coverage you can count on, affordable rates and top-notch customer service – we think you’ll find CareConnect is a great fit!

If you are a Health Republic member with an individual or family plan, here are some important things you need to know about obtaining coverage for December 2015:

  • To receive coverage that’s effective December 1, 2015, you must enroll in a new plan on or before November 15. If you do not enroll by November 15, you will not have coverage for the month of December, 2015.
  • The special open enrollment period applies only to Health Republic members. Any one (1) of the following documents will be sufficient proof that you are eligible for the special enrollment period:
    • A copy of your Health Republic ID card
    • A copy of a Health Republic EOB (explanation of benefits) form
    • A copy of an email you received notifying you of your loss of Health Republic coverage
    • A signed statement from you confirming that you are a current Health Republic member. You can simply write “I am a current Health Republic member,” sign the statement, scan it and email it to us at questions@nslijcc.com
  • Your CareConnect policy purchased for December 1 coverage will be a ONE MONTH policy only. We will be happy to automatically renew your coverage for 2016 at our 2016 rates -- which are some of the lowest in the New York region.
  • Click here to get an estimate of what you’ll pay for a 2016 plan.